Benefits of BIODIESEL

Benefit to Country –
Indigenous production and use of Biodiesel as an alternate of petroleum diesel will reduce the country’s dependency on costly imports of crude oil and will result in huge savings for the Government.

Benefit to society –
Raw material for production of Biodiesel comes from agriculture crops. Increase in demand of Biodiesel enhances the agricultural output, benefitting thousands of farm producers and workers across the country.

Benefit to Environment –
Biodiesel have negligible contents of Carbon and Sulphur. It reduces Carbon dioxide emissions by up to 70% as compared to petroleum diesel and thus helps in overall reduction in air pollution.

Benefit to Consumers –Safe to use – Biodiesel is non inflammable and has a flash point above 1300 C while petroleum diesel is highly inflammable with flash point of 600 C.

Better Mileage – Biodiesel has high oxygen content, approximately 10%, which helps in complete combustion of fuel, resulting in enhanced mileage.

Economical – Biodiesel in cheaper than petroleum diesel.
GST Benefit – Biodiesel comes under the purview of GST @ 12%. Commercial users can avail huge GST benefit from its purchase, which is not available in case of petroleum diesel.