BioDiesel is environmental friendly and ideal for heavily polluted cities. Bio Diesel is as biodegradable as salt Bio Diesel produces 80% less carbon dioxide and 100% less sulfur dioxide emissions. It provides a 90% reduction in cancer risks. Bio Diesel can be used alone or mixed in any ratio with mineral oil diesel fuel. The preferred ratio if mixture ranges between 5 and 20% (B5-B20). Bio Diesel extends the live of diesel engines. Bio Diesel is cheaper then mineral oil diesel. Bio Diesel is conserving natural resources.

Maximum requirement of transport fuels is catered by petroleum based fuels. Out of this, only 20% of total demand is met by domestic production of crude oil while rest is through imorts. Moreover, crude oil is a limited resource, its non-renewable and also responsible for increase in pollution level.

To tackle the multiple issues of increasing pollution, dependency on costly crude imports and to find unlimited source of energy, Government of India is promoting the use of biodiesel, as a standalone or its blending with conventional diesel.